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Internet safety advice for schools

The Internet has grown at an unprecedented rate with new devices such as tablets, mobile phones and gaming machines connecting together to form a global community.

NCI has adopted a social policy to teach the parents, teachers and carers of children how to stay safe from the dangers of the internet.

The pages contained in this section contain material that you may find disturbing. It is included not to scare you into not allowing your children to use the internet, but to entice you to talk through the dangers with those you love, and help them understand the rights and wrongs of the actions they may take.

Andy Trish, Director at NCI in charge of Education has toured over 300 schools lecturing the parents of children on how they can stay safe in the cyber world and where to look for help if things go wrong. If you would like Andy to visit your school or establishment please use our contact page to get in touch. The lecture lasts on average 2 hours and are free of charge (expenses may be payable dependant on distance travelled).

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