School IT Hardware

From PCs to tablets . . .

We don’t just offer a standard range of hardware, we assess your requirements and cheap 20 mg levitra then source the right solution for you, whether it be laptops, notebooks, PCs or tablets.

We work with your school to understand your goals and what you wish to achieve with your new hardware, then before we make any recommendations, we take into account:

Who or what the hardware is for- staff, pupils, admin, internet access or specific educational programs?
The space available- is it for classroom use? ICT suite use?
Do you want a mobile solution? E.g. laptops, notebooks and tablets


Pupil using tablet pc


All the hardware that we recommend has been designed especially for school use, ensuring a robust design, suitable specifications and competitive pricing. NCI always offer the best advice based on our experience working in the education sector.

We can suggest the wow it's great best and most cost effective solution for your ICT needs.

The education technology market never stands still and we ensure that we are fully up to date with the latest technology available. Mobile tablet solutions are becoming more popular as a secondary support resource. We can supply both Windows Tablets or iPADS.


Multi-colour keyboards



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