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School Networks

Building a network for your school

The school network is a crucial lifeline to any school. If your network goes offline, it causes major problems and disruption to the life of the school, making files, shared resources and the internet unavailable. We design networks that are reliable, secure and can easily grow alongside your school's increasing needs.

Bespoke networks

We work with your school to understand your ICT needs in each area of your school building, whether you want an audio-visual solution in the gym, wireless access in the playground or PCs and laptops in every classroom, we will design a solution specific to your school.

Our Cabling Team

Our expert cabling team can install a complete network, extend, or upgrade your existing network. We provide a complete service of consultation, design, installation and maintenance, providing top-class service to ensure a reliable and efficient infrastructure for your school.

Our cabling team are qualified to install CAT 5e or CAT 6 cabling. We also work with a subcontracted certified electrician to ensure the end result is aesthetically pleasing but also safe and secure. We make sure that all cables are hidden away from little fingers!


School Network



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