Charity Projects from NCI Technologies

Whether supporting local groups and charities on our home turf or fundraising for disadvantaged communities across the world, we're committed to using our skills, resources and free time to help transform a life for the better.

Projects in 2014/15 have focused on developing ICT resources and learning opportunities for children in the Falkland Islands, Philippines and Ghana.  The projects in the Philippines, in partnership with Cornish charity 'Byond', have supported school re-building and ICT suite development and have been a catalyst for creating local government investment that will take the opportunities further.

In the last year, we have fundraised over £300k to help develop school ICT in Cornwall, Falklands and the rest of the UK.

Supporting Vital Charity Operation Encompass

This year we have chosen to support Operation Encompass (who are partnered with Women's Aid). This vital safeguarding scheme implements the simple method of bringing police and schools together, providing early intervention and support when a child or young person has been exposed to domestic violence. We have recently helped sponsor a free pack of digital training resources along with a new website, helping implement the scheme in new areas within the UK. 

You can find out more about this charity and the vital work they do here.

Rescuing forgotten animals

Last year our team focused their efforts on supporting the 'Last Chance Hotel' for re-homing animals who need special care.  Based near Truro, Cornwall, the charity rescues animals who have been abandoned and promotes them for foster care or adoption into a caring home. 

If you can offer a warm home, cosy lap and lots of tender-loving-care to these forgotten animals then please look out for dogs and other animals advertised here and on our newsletters!

You can find out more about these forgotten pups here.

Donating laptops to create opportunities for children across the globe

Our team will continue to accept laptops and recondition these for shipping to schools across the globe, as and when needed to help transform children's lives for the better.

Children with these resources and learning opportunities are then able to improve their (and their family's) quality of living by taking better paid jobs upon leaving school.

So far, many computers and additional ICT resources have been donated by local companies to schools in the Philippines and Ghana.

Thank you for your kind donations.  If you would like to know more and find out how you too can contribute please visit the link opposite or email us at: