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Podcast 4: Business Continuity Plans

Welcome to our new podcast 'NCI Techcast' where we discuss the latest IT news and views that all small to medium businesses need to know!

Hosted by NCI Technologies' marketing and tech gurus, Joanna Williams and James Scott. Tune in for a discussion on all things business and tech with a side order of humour and informality. We're trying our best to make IT exciting and a bit less blah!

Our fourth podcast focuses on business continuity plans for if the worst should happen. Click below to tune in to hear more and if you really love us give us a follow on Spotify!

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In this episode your will find

0.01 - Welcome to NCI Techcast

0.49 - What is a business continuity plan?

1.05 - Why is a business continuity plan important?

2.53 - What are the key IT considerations businesses should include in their business continuity plan?

5.55 - So, now we have a BCP what next?

7.06 - Additional reading or information for developing a business continuity plan.

8.25 - Thanks for joining the NCI TechCast

A short transcript of the show is just a brief scroll down the page.


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Podcast Transcript

Joanna: Welcome to the NCI Techcast. The business IT podcast from NCI Technologies. Today’s podcast will focus on business continuity plans and NCI Technologies’ resident IT Executive and tech guru will be offering his views and advice on today’s topic.

Joanna: Welcome James to our fourth NCI Techcast!

James: Thank you for having me back

Joanna: So, last episode we briefly discussed the importance of having a business continuity plan in place. Can you recap on what a business continuity plan is?

James: A business continuity plan in the most simple of terms is the thing that you use to keep the business running when things go wrong. It is great if you have a BCP all made up in your head, but what happens if you are not there or you are involved in an accident?

I would also just like to say at this point that a BCP is not just for IT issues, but for anything that could stop your business from running.

Joanna: Why is a business continuity plan important?

James: There are a number of reasons that it is important

  • Most insurance companies look at these kind of things and like to see them
  • It gives you peace of mind
  • Should something happen you have a plan in place and don’t need to think about what you need to do.

Joanna: What are the key IT considerations businesses should include in their business continuity plan?

James: As I said before a BCP should not just be thought of an IT issue, but your trusted IT contractors should be involved in the process.

When I am starting from scratch, I like to follow a rough template to get started that is built up from your contacts.

On the first page I include things like staff and their contact details along with the function that they will play in your plan.

On the second page I then add a list of contact details for important people such as insurance companies, utilities and service providers. Make sure that you include office hours and out of hours details as well as account numbers.

You can then add things like a copy of your fire plan and your first aiders.

This is now the start of a plan!

Don’t just keep a digital copy of this, have a paper copy as well and make sure that you give everyone that needs one a copy.

Joanna: So now we have a BCP what next?

James: You can give the plan a test drive. Come up with a possible disaster and use the BCP to solve it. When you do this, you will find that you need more information adding to the plan, this is a good thing. The more you do this the more information you will find you need to add building a better plan.

Joanna: Is there any additional reading or information out there that our listeners can access with help in developing a business continuity plan?

James: There is lots of good information out there but if you are looking for a good book to start with then the Business Continuity for Dummies book is great. I will ask Joanna to add a link to this on our website.

Joanna: A big thank you to James for his input and views today and thanks to our listeners for joining us for our podcast. If you have any feedback or any topic suggestions email us at Don’t forget to tune in to our next edition of the NCI Techcast where we will be discussing all things business IT. Until then Techcast fans!





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