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Remote Working: A Blueprint For The Future

NCI Technologies recently ran a free webinar 'Remote Working: A Blueprint For The Future' focused on the lessons learned from having to make the sudden shift to 100% remote working during the COVID 19 outbreak. If this sounds like something that would be helpful to your organisation you can watch a recording of the webinar below. A copy of the presentation is available as a PDF download here. If you have any questions in relation to the webinar please contact



We will be running another webinar 'Business Continuity Planning: Protecting Your Business' on the 21st May 2020. This free webinar will focus on what a Business Continuity Plan is and the importance of having one in place to secure your business. You can book tickets for this free event here.




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I enjoyed the webinar today and found it very useful. It reinforced some of the things we have been doing (which was nice!) but it also led to pointers around how to improve and measure out remote working, so thank you very much.

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