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Six Business Benefits of Being Cyber Essentials Ready

Elliot and Dot are local food producers. To expand their business, they plan to tender for public sector and supply chain contracts. As a result, their business needs to have the correct policies and accreditations in place. One requirement is completing Cyber Essentials certification. Often this is mandatory for suppliers looking to bid for certain government or MOD contracts. It would also demonstrate that Elliot and Dot’s business meets all five key basic IT security controls set out by the scheme. This would help to reduce the cybersecurity risk within a prospective supply chain.

Elliot and Dot are unclear on what Cyber Essentials is and if they meet the required cybersecurity standards. Are you feeling the same way? Discover what Cyber Essentials is and the six business benefits it offers with our new infographic below!

Although Cyber Essentials is not mandatory for all business activities or sectors, it still offers key business advantages. As the risks from cybercrime grow it is now becoming a requirement for obtaining cyber insurance. Cyber Essentials can be a simple and cost-effective way to improve your cybersecurity. This would demonstrate your commitment to protecting customer data and helping to create a cyber secure culture within your organisation.

A PDF version of the below infographic is also available here

Six Business Benefits of Being Cyber Essentials Ready - 01

Six Business Benefits of Being Cyber Essentials Ready - 02

Choose NCI Technologies as Your Cyber Essentials Partner

No matter your business size, activities or sector, achieving the Cyber Essentials certification is incredibly beneficial for an organisation. If you want your business to become Cyber Essentials ready, NCI Technologies can help. We partner with a leading cybersecurity provider who helps make certification simple and accessible for businesses. For further advice and guidance on our Cyber Essentials products and services contact our friendly sales team or call us on 01326 379 497.





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