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Discover the 6 Benefits of Switching to a 3CX VoIP Phone System

6 Benefits of Switching to a 3CX VoIP Phone System Header Image

Kim is the director of a local retailer. The organisation consists of a small network of shops with a central headquarters that acts as the hub of the business. To improve agility, mobility and productivity Kim is seeking to upgrade their current traditional phone system. They require a telephone system that can support communications across the organisation but, at the same time, offers features that allow them to embrace hybrid working.

Another key factor is that the aging Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) is due to be switched off in December 2025. This means that organisations will need to upgrade to Voice over Internet Protocol telephony (VoIP) beforehand for continued seamless communications. For Kim it makes good sense to start upgrading the telephone systems sooner rather than later to help minimise disruption.

While researching potential vendors and systems, Kim has seen a lot of positive feedback about 3CX VoIP communications. Could this phone system be as beneficial as publicised? Read along to discover more about 3CX and how it could increase your organisation’s performance while saving money on call costs. 

What is a 3CX VoIP phone system?

3CX is an affordable VoIP software-based telephone system. Put simply, VoIP is a phone system that places and receives phone calls over the internet. Ideal for small and medium organisations, 3CX can be deployed either on premise, in the cloud or on Windows or Linux systems.

3CX doesn’t just offer the ability to make phone calls. It unifies all your communications requirements within one single platform, including voice, video conferencing and live chat. Offering potential cost savings on communications, plus scalability and flexibility, it’s ideal for future-proofing your organisation and embracing hybrid working.



Why are organisations switching to 3CX VoIP phone systems?

The rise in hybrid working means organisations now require software and phone systems that offer anytime, anywhere access. With 3CX VoIP phone systems there are a whole host of benefits for organisations looking to support hybrid working. Here are the six main advantages of upgrading.

> Professional communications

3CX supports the use of a wide range of SIP handsets, softphones for Windows and Mac, web-based client as well as apps for both Android and IOS. As an all-in-one communications platform users can connect via voice, video and instant messaging with the ability to view the real-time status of colleagues.

> Offers significant cost savings

3CX offers the opportunity to reduce your phone bills and eliminate interoffice call charges without compromising on the quality of communication. Web conferencing, mobile apps, live chat, business text messaging, and Facebook integration are all included in the annual cost. With low-cost licenses and the ability to have unlimited users, 3CX avoids the issue of unused capacity allowing you to only pay for what you use.

> Scalable

3CX is fully scalable to suit your organisation’s current and future needs. You can add new users, setup voice mail and update users all in a matter of minutes. If you switch to 3CX your existing infrastructure can be used, avoiding the need to rewire your network.

> Integration

3CX offers seamless integration with a wide range of popular apps and CRM applications making setup quick and easy. 3CX is now fully compatible with Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams on 3CX Enterprise licenses. This allows users to seamlessly work across apps, manage contacts and streamline tasks to increase efficiency.

> Easy to use

3CX offers effortless user and system management from anywhere. Although it is packed with advanced unified communications features, the user interface remains straightforward and easy to use. This means you can be up and running in no time at all with minimal training.

> Increased mobility

Does your organisation have remote workers or employees who work-on-the-go? 3CX allows your mobile workforce to work efficiently from anywhere with one unified communications solution at no extra cost. Users can take their extension anywhere meaning they can securely call, message, video and meet using their office number on their mobile device.

Even if your organisation and staff are still predominately based in one location, switching to a 3CX phone system can still provide the aforementioned advantages. Plus, it’s never too early to start preparing for the big PSTN switch-off in December 2025. 

Why upgrade your phone system with NCI Technologies?

NCI Technologies is a 3CX Silver Partner and a preferred reseller with over 17 years’ experience in deploying phone systems designed especially for small and medium organisations. We are proud to have worked with many local businesses and schools, helping to deploy flexible and reliable telecoms that have made a positive impact on productivity.

Our expert installation team can offer tailored advice on upgrading your existing telephone systems, ensuring the switch is smooth with minimal disruption. All you need to do is enjoy the benefits of upgrading to the latest hassle-free telecoms. 

For more information on our range of telephone systems to suit your needs, contact our friendly sales team.




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