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Microsoft Plans to Block Emails from Outdated Exchange Servers


Microsoft Plans to Block Emails from Outdated Exchange Servers 

What Does Email Throttling Mean?

Email throttling is when a service provider limits or delays the number of emails it will accept from a sender during a specific period.


How will Microsoft’s Exchange 2007 Server Plans Affect My Organisation?

Microsoft (MS) Exchange Online will begin to throttle the processing of inbound emails sent from unsecured MS Exchange 2007 servers from 26th June 2023. This process is progressive and will escalate over 30 days. Admins of outdated servers will be notified that their Exchange 2007 server is unsupported with a reminder to upgrade their infrastructure. If owners choose not to upgrade, they will find their emails blocked by recipients that use Microsoft Exchange Online servers.

The stages of Microsoft’s progressive enforcement are shown in the below table.


Microsoft Plans to Block Emails from Outdated Exchange Servers

Image Source: Microsoft 

Microsoft’s Exchange 2007 server plans will affect your organisation in the following way:

As you can see, for continued seamless communications between organisations it’s imperative that Exchange 2007 server users upgrade without delay.

Microsoft Plans to Block Emails from Outdated Exchange Servers

If you use an Exchange Online server - you will stop receiving emails from organisations who continue to use an Exchange 2007 server and choose not to upgrade their infrastructure.


If you use an Exchange 2007 server - the recipients of your emails will stop receiving them in the long-term if you choose not to upgrade your infrastructure.


Are you still using a Microsoft Exchange 2007 server? Contact us now to upgrade >>


Why is it Important That Microsoft Enforces this Server Upgrade?

Microsoft are implementing these changes to encourage users of older infrastructure, such as Exchange 2007, to upgrade to supported versions. This approach will be gradually introduced to other Exchange server versions such as Exchange 2010, Exchange 2013, and subsequent unsupported servers over time.

Microsoft is taking this action due to the rapidly changing threat landscape and the increased cybersecurity risk for those who continue to run outdated servers.

Threat actors are constantly seeking to exploit vulnerabilities on unpatched, on-premise Exchange servers. Recent attacks such as the China-linked Hafnium attack have highlighted the importance of updating and patching your software.

Running software that does not benefit from regular security updates means organisations are at a greater risk of experiencing malware attacks, data breaches or hacking. By not taking responsibility for the cybersecurity of your own IT environment you also put other organisations at risk within your supply chain.

Microsoft’s actions could be seen as ruthless and having a negative impact on organisations, but from a cybersecurity standpoint it ensures Exchange users’ IT environments remain protected against cybercrime.


How Does the Microsoft Exchange Online Migration Process Work?

Our Sales and Business Manager, James Scott, describes the Microsoft Exchange Online upgrading process below, and offers some helpful points that should be considered.


Before the End of Support


Ensure that you have a migration plan in place with your IT provider


Make sure you have completed a risk analysis


Review your cyber insurance cover if you are not able to upgrade before October 2023


Review any certifications and awards you have in place to ensure continued compliance


After the End of Support


Remove remote access to Outlook Web Access or only provide access for users that are connected locally or via a VPN


Remove access to Outlook as you are most likely to be using an unsupported copy of Office


Make sure you have performed a revised risk analysis


Ensure that you have adequate cyber insurance cover in place


Secure Your Email Workflow by Migrating to Microsoft Exchange Online

To ensure your continued workflow and robust cybersecurity we strongly advise organisations to upgrade or patch servers that might be vulnerable.

As a leading Microsoft Partner serving Cornwall, Devon, and the South West, NCI Technologies can offer expert advice and support on migrating to Microsoft Exchange Online for both businesses and schools.

If you are unsure what version of Exchange server you are running or would like more information on upgrading to Microsoft Exchange Online, contact us or book a Teams or in-person meeting with our Sales Team today.





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