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5 Top Tips to Spring Clean your Computer

Spring Clean Your Computer

With spring officially now upon us it is worth thinking about giving your computer a good old spring clean! So schedule some downtime, to not only spruce up that desk and delete those old emails, but to also get that computer squeaky clean!  We’ve put together some useful tips to help keep you up and running throughout the year.

1. Clean your Keyboard

It’s not only the inside of your computer that can be vulnerable to a virus! Have you paid attention to your keyboard and mouse recently? Take some time to give them both a clean and wipe over to remove any trapped debris or dirt. *

2. Make that Screen Gleam

It’s amazing what can build up on there! Firstly power down your screen, then using a microfiber cloth wipe away any dust using a gentle circular motion. For more stubborn debris use some screen wipes but allow the screen to dry before powering up the screen again. *

3. Create a Tidy Desktop

Let’s get organised there is nothing more distracting than a messy desktop! Go through any documents stored on your desktop and file important items away. Organise files in a logical way for quick and productive working! While doing so delete any old or duplicate files that maybe taking up unnecessary room. After, empty your computer trash to save on memory space!

4. Backup, Backup, Backup

When was the last time you backed up your files to safeguard your business? An effective backup process can protect you from experiencing the frustration of loosing data. A Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) solution ensures your data is protected and secure. Services range from a simple file/folder backup of your laptop files to complete application and server (virtual or physical) backup with off-site storage or synchronisation to USB. For more details on BDR click here.

5. Keep your Systems Up-to-date

Keeping your computer systems and networks up-to-date is vital to any organisation to minimise any business downtime. It is always worth your time to install available updates to combat viruses and wear and tear. With IT at the heart of most businesses a managed service contract can ensure your IT is protected, secure and working at it’s best at all times. For more details on IT support click here.

To find out more about IT support and services available for businesses and schools please call: 01326 379 497 or email:

*We recommend you double check the manufacturer’s advice on cleaning beforehand




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