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Four IT Security Evaluation Tips for Remote Working

Has your organisation reviewed its IT security to ensure secure remote working? Our latest blog discusses the four key considerations you should take into account when reviewing your IT security for continued home working.


Discover Live Events with Microsoft Teams

View our recent free master class 'Live Events with Microsoft Teams' which focuses on what Microsoft Teams' live events are and how you can produce your own live event to bring people together while you work from anywhere.


Three Important Factors when Purchasing Education Hardware and Software

Sometimes cheap isn't cheerful! In our latest blog we discuss why having the support of your IT provider when buying hardware and software for your school can help you avoid costly purchasing mistakes, downtime and save money in the long-term.


Discover Microsoft Power Automate

View our recent free on-demand masterclass Microsoft Power Automate (was Microsoft Planner and Flow). Join us as we explore what Microsoft Power Automate is, taking you through these apps that can be integrated into Microsoft Teams. We will show you why they are useful and how to easily set them up.


Discover Multi-factor Authentication

View our recent free webinar 'Discover Multi-factor Authentication' which explains what MFA is and how it can immediately increase your account security by requiring multiple forms of verification to prove your identity. 


Moving to a Digital Infrastructure: 6 Checkpoints to Consider

Knowing what questions to ask a prospective or current IT provider when moving your business to a digital infrastructure is key to a safe and secure move. To help we have collated 6 checkpoints to aid your discussion.


Meet Microsoft Teams for Education

Come and meet Microsoft Teams for Education, it isn't just a collaboration app for business! Teams can make a positive difference to any education establishment. Read our latest blog to find out how it could benefit yourself and your students.


Discover Microsoft Teams Webinar

View our recent free webinar 'Discover Microsoft Teams' which focuses on key features within Microsoft Teams that will help yourself and your team to stay connected and productive.


7 Steps to Secure Smart Home and IoT Devices

70% of IoT devices have been found to contain some form of security vulnerabilities. In this blog article we highlight some top tips shared by the South West Police Regional Cyber Crime Unit that you can follow to help secure your IoT and smart home devices and protect yourself from cyber-attacks.


Cyber Crime Guidance During COVID19

In response to the increase in COVID-19 cyber crime we have collated some helpful advice from NCSC. This advice covers how you should deal with COVID-19 related malicious cyber activity and how to manage the cyber security challenges of increased home working.


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