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New Educational ICT and E-safety Posters from NCI

Educational ICT Posters

Here at NCI Technologies we have recently created a set of ICT and computing posters to engage, inspire and improve understanding within the field of ICT and most importantly e-safety. 

We initially supplied printed A2 versions of these posters to primary schools who had signed up to our managed ICT services. For educational organisations who were not currently customers of NCI we provided the posters as a completely free to download resource so they could be printed and displayed in classrooms and hallways.

These free to download posters are available from our main company website here and also from our dedicated e-safety portal

The collection of posters, also have been promoted through both our social media channels and email marketing to enable us to reach a wider audience.

Our current e-safety posters include:

  • Make the Internet a Bully Free Zone
  • 5 Top Tips for E-safety
  • Can I Trust Everything on the Internet

We have also developed a range of ICT posters:

  • A Brief History of Email
  • Know Your Computer Anatomy
  • Famous People in Computer History

Over the coming months we intend to develop and add more topics to our poster list focusing on both ICT education and e-safety. To enable us to meet the needs of both educators and students we have recently conducted a poll on social media to see which e-safety topics would be most beneficial in an educational environment. These posters, again will be provided in both printed and digital formats to customers and non-customers.

As a responsible IT company who support both businesses and education establishments we feel strongly that we should promote e-safety and responsible computer/internet use. All the resources produced are offered free of charge at zero profit to NCI Technologies. If we can help just a single incident happening by providing the materials produced then we will be a very happy organisation.

Although this project is still in its infancy we feel that it is already showing signs of success from the feedback we have received from teaching staff and pupils. Many have commented that our bright and informative posters have made the subject of ICT and e-safety fun and the key messages on each topic are easily understood by all through clear design and wording. This project has also been successful in presenting what can be a tough subject in a friendly non-confrontational way. We were especially conscious to do this as the posters were aimed at primary school children. Through our research we did find many e-safety posters aimed at this age group made the online world slightly scary. Although there is the possibility of danger online we wanted to communicate that if used safely the internet is a fabulous resource for both education and fun! We feel that we have definitely achieved this important part of the brief and hope to carry this over to any future posters.

Through the implementation of this project we also especially hope to inspire girls, along with boys, to pursue a career in the STEM/STEAM subjects but to also stay safe while online.

If through the creation of these posters we can educate and support children, preventing even just one incident we feel, for us, this project would have been a complete success.




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