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Sponsoring Emerging Talent

Along with our charity work NCI also sponsors an up-and-coming star in the dog agility world! NCI is proud to sponsor Will and his agility dogs Aston, Rudi and Wizard. At only 12 years old Will has qualified for Crufts next year which for any adult would be special but for a 12 year old boy is amazing. Read on for a round-up of their achievements for the year!

As the agility season draws to a close, it’s time took back on the year and what a year it has been!

Will and Rudi’s bond became stronger and they had huge success through the year with Rudi winning into Grade 7, the top agility grade. Not to be outdone, Aston won into Grade 7 just 2 weeks later.  Aston winning into Grade 7 was a very special moment.  Will has trained Aston himself and taken him from Grade 1 all the way through to Grade 7.  He has not been the easiest dog to train, with Aston thinking he knows best or deciding that the burger van was just too tempting! 

Aston is a 'diva' dog and he loved all the attention whilst filming Little Big Shots with Dawn French in April. The phrase ‘Aston is in the building’ was the precursor to the crew disappearing to greet him.

Rudi on the other-hand is a quiet, gentle dog who just gets on with things.  He has won so many classes this year and he has qualified for Under 18s Jumping at Crufts next year and should have enough points to qualify for Under 24s medium ABC (Anything But Collie) Agility at Crufts.

Both dogs are now eligible to run in championship classes - competing against the top dogs in the UK.  They have competed in 2 Championship shows, showing great promise and are looking good for next year.

Wizard, a black working cocker spaniel, joined the family at the end of May.  He is adorable and very fast!  Wizard has started his training and has really taken to agility.  Lots of work and fun times ahead for him and Will.

Time now for winter training followed by a well deserved month off agility.  The dogs don’t see it that way and Aston gets very naughty when he’s not doing agility - so lots of games to keep him occupied.  Will intends to draw up his training plans and set goals for him and each dog. Dreams of winning a championship ticket!

These achievements would be very special for any adult and are absolutely amazing for a 12 year old boy!

Will and agility dogs




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