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Apple Volume Purchase Program Discontinues

Schools that have iPads will almost certainly obtain the Apps from Apple’s Volume Purchase Program (VPP), even the free apps need to be purchased.  Apple is retiring the VPP in favour of the Apple School Manager and the VPP will no longer be available from 1st December 2019.  To continue deploying Apps to iPads every school using VPP must upgrade to Apple School Manager.  Once upgraded the existing VPP account can be invited into the school’s Apple School Manager and your existing purchased Apps will follow. 

Any School not already using Apple School Manager will need to enrol here.


Apple School Manager


Please bear in mind that Apple will contact the school and will require to speak to the person who requested the school to join Apple School Manager.  Please make sure that you are available or arrange a convenient time for Apple to call back.  If this process is ignored or missed it will delay the enrolment procedure.  Unfortunately, because Apple require to speak with a staff member this isn’t something that NCI Technologies can do on your behalf.  Once you have your school enrolled with Apple School Manager NCI Technologies will need you to create a dedicated user that NCI Technologies can use to administer the Apple School Manager in order to deploy Apps. 

Please contact NCI Technologies once you are ready to start using the Apple School Manager or if you require any assistance enrolling.





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