NAO Robot brings programming to life

The revolution in teaching and learning

'NAO' (pronounced now), is a cute, mini humanoid robot that stands at 58cm tall and moves, recognises your face and voice, responds to your questions and evolves to be a childs friend.  NAO is transforming and empowering teaching and learning across the curriculum at all Key Stages and beyond. He may have an endearing and engaging exterior and a friendly and vivacious personality, but do not let that fool you into thinking he is just a toy. Limited only by imagination, NAO can be programmed and brought to life!

NAO Lesson Click Through

Cross curricular and extra-curricular possibilities

Schools and colleges are adopting this powerful and versatile robot not only because of its capacity to engage pupils dynamically in their learning of programming skills, but also for its cross-curricular and extra-curricular possibilities. For example, NAO inspires an enthusiasm for science and technology, fosters verbal, spatial and social interaction, and helps develop problem solving skills, team work and motivation. 

Pupils and teachers already using and experiencing NAO in their classrooms are reporting a considerable increase in levels of enthusiasm, engagement, learning and progress.

NAO at the forefront of UK education - in your school

  • Funding is available - We can advise on your application and provide a competitive price
  • Demo - NCI can bring NAO to your school with an impressive demo for teachers and pupils - book your demo today!
  • Support - Our team will support your purchase of NAO plus the set-up and implementation of the robot and advise on how to maximise the use of NAO throughout your school
  • Community - Join the community when you purchase your NAO you can access a wealth of online resources including tutorials, training, apps to download, shared ideas, discussions via blog and forum and educational projects. 

* the NAO robot is created by Aldabaran Robotics who partner with NCI Technologies for distribution and support *


We purchased several NAO robots with specialist funding to support our students and we're very pleased with the results so far.

Michele Bacchus, Director of Finance
Sir James’ Smith Community School

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