NAO Robot for Special Educational Needs

The 'ASK NAO' program supports SEN

The Autism Solution for Kids (ASK) is a ground-breaking program which has delivered highly effective teaching and learning for children with special eduational needs.  NAO assists the teacher by being a friend to the student, engaging them in a powerful way, creating joy and helping them make great strides in learning. 

Because NAO is non-threatening, predicatable and controlled the child engages more readily and is motivated to learn.  Teaching staff can also video the interactions via NAO's on-board cameras and then use this for evaluation and training.

For more information about this great support program and to find out how you can get a NAO robot for your school, please click here or contact our education team on: 01326 379 497 email:

* the NAO robot is created by Aldabaran Robotics who partner with NCI Technologies for distribution and support *

NAO Lesson Click Through


NAO has created an exciting way for us to engage students. We have seen students motivated to learn, gaining hand-on experience of applying scientific theory to practice. In particular, the opportunity for NAO to raise aspirations and achievements in students, especially those with special educational needs is fantastic! We are really impressed with the responses and results across the school.

Kristien Carrington, Deputy Head
Sir James Smith's Community School

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