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Catalogue NAO Humanoid Robot


Height 0.58m

Colour Grey

Our Ref NP542

Personality Friendly, vivacious and child-like

Height 58cm

Camera 2 cameras for object and face recognition

Sensors Capacitive tactile sensors 'gripping hands', inertia sensor for balance, 2 ultrasonic range finders for detection of objects, 8 pressure sensors

Microphones 4 microphones allow for directional detection of sound

Brain power 1.9GHz processor with Ethernet and WiFi Programming

Humanoid Emotional expression, speech recognition and synthesis, moves autonomously, 25 degrees of freedom, program complex behaviours.

NAO Humanoid Robot

We bring you 'NAO' (pronounced now), a child-like, mini humanoid robot that is transforming and empowering teaching and learning across the curriculum at all Key Stages and beyond, throughout the world.  He moves, sings, dances, recognises your face and voice, responds to your questions and can evolve to be your best friend. 

Limited only by imagination, NAO can be programmed and brought to life!

Simple to program and animate:

  • Choregraphe software allows for easy programming by all ages (including KS1)
  • Advanced programming allows exploration and understanding of computer language, workflow and problem solving.
  • Teachers can prime the robot with their own tailored lessons or use library templates
  • Ground breaking program for SEN - children engage in a powerful and joyful way
  • NAO is non-threatening, predictable and controlled, so children interact easily and are more motivated to learn

NAO at your school:

  • Support - for set-up, installation and development within the school
  • Online community - join for resources, educational projects, blogs, shared ideas and tutorials.

The Package includes:

  • 1 x NAO 6 Humanoid Robot (Grey)
  • 2 or 3 years warranty options
  • Full SDK and API in Java, C++, C# (.Net), Matlab and Python
  • 1 x Battery and charger

Download the NAO brochure

Read more and Watch NAO videos

Created by Softbank Robotics and for sale in the UK by NCI Technologies.

To purchase and for pricing please contact 01326 379 497 or email

(approximately 5 working days delivery time)

* Please note that price is subject to market fluctuations. Please contact us for the latest figures. *