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Having the best security defences in place for your organisation may still not protect you from cyber criminals. The human factor, your staff, can be a critical vulnerability that cyber criminals are more than happy to exploit. With this in mind NCI Technologies are now able to provide cyber security training critical for shielding your SME from cyber threats.

Why do we need Cyber Security Training?

Connected digital services are now a part of everyday life and many organisations hold personal information on staff and customers. It is an expectation that all our personal data is looked after both online and offline.

Cyber security is an ongoing effort to protect networked systems and data from unauthorised use or harm. On a personal level, you need to safeguard your identity, your data, and your computing devices. At the corporate level, it is everyone’s responsibility to protect the organisation’s reputation, data, and customers.

The consequences of a cyber attack can be devastating. If you lose access to your data and networks it can be stressful and costly, impacting livelihoods. This course aims to help keep you protected, informed and IT headache free!

What does the course cover?

This course is designed to give you a background in to cyber security and to help you develop skills to keep both yourself and the company that you work for safe in the digital age.

We will cover the following sections

  • Understand the importance of safe on-line behaviours
  • Describe the different types of malware and attacks
  • Describe the protection strategies used organisations against attacks

For additional information and pricing please contact us or call 01326 379 497.

Download Introduction to Cyber Security leaflet here.


James provided cyber security training for our staff highlighting the serious nature of such threats to any organisation. The training sessions have proven extremely useful in increasing awareness of the issues and promoting best practice.

Barry Buist, General Manager
Falmouth Haven

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