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An all in one network security package

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The Comprehensive Gateway Security Suite combines gateway antivirus, anti-spyware intrusion prevention, content filtering and firmware updates into one firewall for a powerful solution.  Even before new threats begin to spread, CGSS solutions are automatically updated with signatures that stop attacks before they enter the network, ensuring 24/7 protection.

CGSS makes it easy to:

  • Eliminate viruses, worms and Trojans
  • Block spyware, adware, keyloggers, malicious mobile code (MMC) and other dangerous applications
  • Protect networks against intrusions from hackers and bots
  • Filter access to unproductive, inappropriate and illegal objectionable content
  • Restrict recreational file-sharing, multimedia streaming and downloading from peer-to-peer applications
  • Implement comprehensive security measures with a single installation
  • View reports on threats and activities
  • Securely access your office network from a remote location.

Web Content Filtering

Working as part of the Comprehensive Gateway Security Suite, content filtering reduces liability concerns and increases employee productivity by providing the ability to manage access to objectionable or even illegal online content.

Businesses assume substantial risks and costs when they provide internet access, particularly when those connections are used to access sites containing information or images that are inappropriate, illegal or dangerous. Unrestricted web access can result in excessive non-productive web surfing, creating tremendous losses in productivity. Content filtering prevents individual users from accessing inappropriate content while reducing organisational liability and increasing productivity.

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