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Keeping your business protected!

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Protect your business against cybercrime

Older firewall versions will not include the recent technological advancements that can protect you against the trending cyberattacks. The criminals have become savvy, but fortunately technology has too, and we want to ensure you're protected.

We are checking all customer firewalls to ensure they are up-to-date, monitored and compliant and urging you to review your security including the firewall to ensure this is robust and reliable.  Check the list below. 

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If you have any of these older SonicWALL versions in place, then contact our team on: 01326 379 497 or email:

Our experts can offer advice and make recommendations to reduce any vulnerabilities.

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Through our partnership with DELL SonicWALL we can recommend their advanced comprehensive security solution designed to repel threats.  Check out the comic strip below which shows the evolution of their security systems through the decades and todays systems with SSL-DPI technology, which has the ability to detect even hidden malware and stop all known threats DEAD!

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Emerging Threats in 2016...

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They know that smaller organisations are likely to be less well protected and more vulnerable to attack, data theft and hence ransom demands.  If you do a simple search on "Cybercrime SME", you will see that small to medium businesses are being randomly targeted like never before.

John Allan, National Chairman of the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) states:Firewall Quote 1

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All the main search engines now default to "https:". The "s" denotes a secure or encrypted connection. Malware is now hidden in encrypted traffic streams and any firewall that doesn't correctly inspect this traffic is allowing it straight onto your network.

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Anti-virus vendors typically release signatures within a 12-24 hour timeframe but, until that time, your network is vulnerable to malicious code that spreads just as fast as your business communications allow.

We advise that you urgently make time to review your current situation with our assistance and we can offer recommendations.

Contact our team on: 01326 379 497 or email:


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