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Web Content Filtering

Manage your staff’s internet usage easily and securely

Using the internet for personal reasons, or visiting dangerous sites, can be counterproductive for a business. Our web content filtering solution can be set to restrict access to certain sites during certain hours, apply different rules to different people or computers or set quotas. This can cover browsing websites, chatting on instant messenger clients or even social networking.

The only reliable way to protect your users and network effectively is to implement real-time intelligent and dynamic web content filtering.

Main features of our web content filtering solution:

  • Dynamic Content Analysis:   Accurately categorise and block all undesirable content
  • Website Signature Scanning:   Prevent the use of anonymous proxies
  • Traffic Tracking:   Monitor web activity in real-time
  • Cost Effective:   Enterprise class filtering without compromise
  • Advanced Reporting:   Understand and interpret web usage
  • ‘Who, What, When & Where’:   Policy tools to create specific environments that fit all your users needs

Web content filtering solution doesn't need to be oppressive - unnecessary restriction in the workplace can undermine well-earned trust. NCI's web content filtering solution allows control of what, when and where employees can access without impacting on their experience. Objectionable content can be blocked, whilst leaving the rest of a site available for use.

Did you know...?

As an employer you are responsible for your employees’ activities when using the internet.  If someone is found to be conducting illegal/ inappropriate activity, you could be liable. By having an Acceptable Usage Policy, employees will know the limitations on internet and email usage. This policy will also help protect your organisation against liability for the actions of your employees.

Acceptable Usage Policy (AUP)

An AUP is a written agreement, between employer and employee, whose intent is to identify permissible workplace uses of the Internet and prohibited workplace uses of the Internet.  More simply, it is a basic set of ground rules for your employees’ use of the Internet. An AUP will help your employees and you understand what they can use the internet for, where the boundaries lay and what is not acceptable.

For more information on our web content filtering services for business please contact us.

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