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6 Benefits of Future-proofing your Organisation with a Cybersecurity Review

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Confidential data is not only the lifeblood of your organisation, it can also be a goldmine for cybercriminals. Some may believe that small organisations are less vulnerable to malicious attacks but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

43% of cyberattacks were found to be aimed at small organisations with only 14% rating highly their ability to mitigate any of these threats1. A common reason for this is that smaller organisations tend not to have the budget and resources that larger organisations have, leaving them more vulnerable to potential threats. As a result, it has never been more important to invest in preventative steps to safeguard your IT systems, especially in the ‘work-from-home’ era.

To improve your data security, it is important to establish a baseline of your current IT security posture and to close any existing vulnerabilities that may leave you open to attacks. Performing a cybersecurity review of your current IT systems, policies and procedures is the first step towards fully securing your data and networks. 

NCI Technologies is currently offering a free, no-obligation cybersecurity review for both current and new customers. Details on how to claim this can be found at the bottom of this page.

What is a cybersecurity review?

A comprehensive cybersecurity review is a snapshot of your organisation’s current cybersecurity posture and your ability to protect yourself from potential cyber threats. An independent cybersecurity review will evaluate the current cybersecurity measures in place. It will identify any potential vulnerabilities and possible cyber risks, offering remedial steps to help you build a roadmap towards a more robust cybersecurity setup for your organisation. 

There are multiple factors that can determine how often a cybersecurity review should be performed. These can include budget constraints, significant system changes and compliance standards that need to be met. At the very least a cybersecurity review should be carried out on a bi-annual basis or when a major system change is made.

The benefits of a cybersecurity review

A cybersecurity review can help secure your data and networks by suggesting ways to improve the current cybersecurity of your organisation. Listed are the key benefits of performing a cybersecurity review.

  • Offers an overview of your current IT security posture and what current IT security investments are providing adequate protection
  • Highlights key areas that require improvement and how to improve those areas
  • Reduces the risk of your organisation being exposed to malicious threats
  • Takes a holistic approach in understanding the overall risk posture of your organisation
  • Provides a comparison of how your organisation ranks against organisations of similar sector, size and location
  • New customer? A cybersecurity review can be beneficial to both parties to help understand your current IT security posture before you decide to partner with NCI.

Our cybersecurity review process

Our cybersecurity experts will perform your cybersecurity review virtually, with no need to visit you onsite at your organisation's location. They will take time to fully understand your needs, conscious that every organisation is unique in its operations, current IT requirements and available budget.


IT Security Assessment Road Map


  1. A 60 minute Microsoft Teams meeting will be set up where we will ask about your organisation and some basic IT security questions
  1. From this information we will create an in-depth digital report, highlighting the key areas of vulnerability that pose a potential cyber risk
  1. Our report will provide a roadmap of how you can improve the areas of concern, working towards improved and robust cybersecurity for your organisation
  1. The report will be securely sent to you and our cybersecurity experts will discuss the results with you. If you choose to follow our recommendations, we can collaborate with you to deliver this*.

What does the cybersecurity review include?

Our cybersecurity review assesses your strengths and weaknesses across five key areas and will provide advice on what improvements you should consider making. The results generated are measured against the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) model for cybersecurity for small businesses. 

The five key areas are:  

Key IT security risk assessment areas.png

You will receive an in-depth digital report covering:

  • An overall risk assessment level of your organisation
  • A risk assessment level for each of the five key areas
  • Recommendations to improve your organisation’s IT security posture
  • An industry comparison based on industry, company size and location
  • A record of the questions the assessment results are based on with remediation steps for each

Book your free cybersecurity review today!

For a limited period of time, NCI Technologies is offering a free cybersecurity review for both existing and new customers as a no-obligation service. Review appointments are available to book online here. Alternatively, you can call us on 01326 379 497 and speak to our friendly cybersecurity experts.


*Work that is recommended by the free cybersecurity review will be charged at an extra cost and is not included as part of the free cybersecurity review.







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