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Experts in IT infrastructure

Quality cabling and networks for speed, resilience and manageability

A well-designed network and cabling architecture is crucial for an efficient organisation.

The infrastructure should be considered as the foundation for your network and, if strong enough, will provide you with a business asset that can grow and adapt quickly and easily to keep up with your organisation's changes.

With the optimum design, you can minimise bottlenecks and maximise data throughput, enabling your users to be more productive during their time at work.  We can help you eliminate concerns from your users regarding speed and reliability.

Our Cabling Team

Our expert cabling team can install a complete network, extend, or upgrade your existing network. We provide a complete service of consultation, design, installation and maintenance, providing top-class service to ensure an efficient infrastructure.

Our cabling team are qualified to install CAT 5e or CAT 6 cabling. We also work with a subcontracted certified electrician to ensure the end result is aesthetically pleasing but also safe and secure. We make sure that all cables are hidden away from little fingers!

For more information on our cabling and network services for business please contact us.


We find NCI staff to be highly knowledgeable. Plus, their fast response times to automated tickets means potential issues are solved before we even know there is a problem so our servers and network are secure and stable - thanks to their excellent monitoring!

Martin Phillips
Cornwall Glass and Glazing

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