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Da Vinci 3D printers are the world’s most affordable plug-and-play 3D printers. Each da Vinci 3D printer model is user-friendly and has its unique features allowing users to experience the best of 3D printing. The da Vinci 3D printers are ideal for use in schools. Revolutionise your lessons with these fully comprehensive line of 3D printers!

Da Vinci Nano

Da Vinci Nano 3D Printer

The da Vinci nano is the most compact 3D printer in the XYZprinting family at a 4.7 x 4.7 x 4.7 inch build size. It's size makes it a perfect fit for schools and as a great entry level model!

Simple to Use

In order to simplify the process of printing with the da Vinci nano, all printing functions are handled through our easy-to-use XYZmaker Mobile software. An LED light conveniently displays the print status (green light = standby, red light = stop, orange light = print in process).

Environmentally Friendly

XYZprinting PLA filament are made with corn starch, sugarcane, and other natural materials, making it biocompostable. Safe to print, safe for the environment.

XYZmaker Mobile

The new XYZmaker Mobile version is compatible with Android and Apple devices and is great to use on a tablet or any other mobile devices. Hundle around your device as your create your own unique designs by working from our geometric or preset shapes. The intuitive tools will help you finish your design in no time.

£167.00 + VAT


Da Vinci Jr Pro 

Da Vinci Jr Pro 3D printer

The da Vinci Pro allows you to adjust the temperature settings for the extruder nozzle and aluminum print bed which makes it compatible with third-party 1.75mm filaments. Select your favorite filament brand for the best 3D printing experience. The da Vinci Pro also has an auto-loading filament system that will ensure the filament is loaded correctly and ready for use. This 3D printer is the most versatile of its kind, providing different types of finishing quality while maintaining an unbeatable price.

Professional Print Preferences XYZware Pro

The da Vinci Pro comes bundled with software that enables you to adjust multiple settings, such as speed, print support, and Retraction. By being able to provide settings for Retraction, you can print objects without any streaking or smudges that occur when the extruder moves across the print – ensuring that your prints come out perfect every time!

Quality You Can Print On

The new aluminum print bed makes for a durable heating surface that rapidly distributes heat evenly and decreases the chances of print warpage better than the common glass print bed. Simply cover the bed with masking tape, adjust the heat setting appropriately, and watch your prints stick to the print bed effortlessly.

Connect from Anywhere in your Home Network

The da Vinci 1.0 Pro has Home WiFi connectivity! The Pro is perfect for Makerspaces since it allows you to wirelessly send print jobs from anywhere in your home network by using Windows and Mac computers, as well as the XYZgallery app available on Android devices. Send your own designs from your computer, or access the thousands of 3D models available in the XYZgallery app from your Android device. Your printer, your choice!

(*1.Wireless LAN : wireless network that links devices within a limited area such as a home or classroom. *2.The WiFi range depends on the router)

£299.00 + VAT

Engrave Your Way

The da Vinci Pro has an optional laser engraver add-on that will allow you to etch your own creative path on various materials such as wood, leather, and cardboard.

Da Vinci Jr 2.0 Mix

Da Vinci Jr. 2.0 Mix 3D Printer

One Nozzle, Two Colours

Blend two PLA filaments of any color by using the new dual-feeding, single extruder module. The filament meets at the tip, extruding and retracting when necessary based on the settings done in XYZware.

Explore all the Vibrant Possibilities

Experiment with different filament color types to create new and exciting colors.You can choose from "Multicolor Mode" and "Mixer Mode" in XYZware.
Multicolour Mode - Choose different colors and the software will set them proportionally in varying tones.
Mixer Mode - Split color blocks according to the height. Each block contains single color or a set of gradation color blocks.
3D Printer Mix Mode

Auto-calibration System for Easy Prints

The da Vinci Jr. 2.0 Mix uses an intuitive 9-point calibration detection system that accurately determines the distance between the extruder and the print bed. This ensures that you can start printing right away at the best quality possible.

Connect, Download, Print

Print directly from your computer in your local area network. Downloading FREE 3D models available from our online XYZ 3D Gallery and mix the color to unleash your creativity. Built-in SD card makes for faster and more convenient printing.

Filament Eco Friendly PLA

All XYZprinting PLA filament spools are a biocompostable plastic that is recyclable and safe for the environment!.With its compact design, This eco-friendly 3D printer makes sure that nothing goes to waste.

£359.00 + VAT

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