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While Microsoft 365 provides a basic level of protection, it cannot protect businesses against human error or security attacks.

Despite Microsoft 365 being located in the cloud, Microsoft 365 data remains vulnerable to acts of human nature.

Microsoft 365 business data can be at risk of incidents such as:

  • Human Error - Deleted or overwritten files done in error
  • Ransomware - Encrypted files that could take weeks to restore
  • Account Deletion - Microsoft holds files for 30 days only from account deactivation
  • Disgruntled Employee - Deletes important emails/files upon leaving company
  • Third Party Software - Data overwritten by 3rd party software

In any of the above cases Microsoft will tell you that there is no guarantee they can recover all (or any) of the files and if they can it may take some time (hours/days/weeks).

 Microsoft 365 Backup Solution


Our flexible Microsoft 365 Cloud Backup solution can provide peace of mind that your data is secure and accessible even if the worst should happen. Our Microsoft 365 BDR solution includes:

Secure Backup

  • Keep unlimited versions of Exchange, SharePoint and OneDrive data, all for one simple per user/per month price
  • State-of-the-art compression and encryption

Ultra-fast Recovery

  • Restore objects, folders and users easily in seconds
  • Search using keywords, date range, by service, type, object or by user

Easy to Manage

  • Centrally manage all Microsoft 365 users, services and activity efficiently from a self-service online portal
  • True “set and forget” automation, no onsite software or storage required

Complete Control with Cloud Backup for Microsoft 365

  • Automatically backs up data every 8 hours (no storage limit)
  • Super-fast recovery of Microsoft 365 objects: restore in seconds!
  • Protects Exchange, calendars and contacts, OneDrive, SharePoint, shared folders
  • Self-service online portal for easy management
  • Quick restore without having to rely on Microsoft

Find out how simple the recovery of your data could really be by viewing the video below.



To find out how easy it is to backup and secure your Microsoft 365 data simply contact our friendly sales team here.

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