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Introducing the new Manico FunTable designed especially for pre-schools and primary schools!

The Manico FunTable is just like an interactive tablet, but much bigger. What makes the Manico FunTable unique is that several children can simultaneously point, draw, click around and search for information. This gives children the opportunity to play and learn together through creative and challenging educational programs and games.

Produced in Sweden, the Manico FunTable is made of durable environmentally friendly plastic and offers the market’s best tablet touch and precision technology. This means it is sturdy enough to take the rough and tumble of any indoor pre-school or primary school environment. Easy to install, you can just plug and play!

Manico FunTable

Available in six fun colours!

Manico FunTable Colour Options

Manico FunTable Specification

  • Interactive 32” touch screen built into a stable, colourful and durable box
  • Available in a choice of 6 fun colours: black, green, blue, turquoise, red and yellow
  • The screen is made of a hardened, anti-glare treated 5 mm thick protective glass
  • Easily connected to the mains and WiFi
  • 10 pre-installed learning apps are included
  • Easy to download other learning apps from any other 3rd party providers such as Google Play

Explore the Manico FunTable

Watch the below video to explore the Manico FunTable and see how children are naturally drawn to and enjoy learning using the interactive Manico FunTable.



Affordable fun for the classroom

The Manico FunTable costs only £1950 + VAT + delivery. This price also includes a 3 year warranty.

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For more information on the new Manico FunTable please contact our friendly sales team on 01326 379 497 or contact us here.

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