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School Data Security and Encryption

OFSTED Agenda: Data protection and encryption in schools

A school's network and the data on it concerns information about it's pupils, staff and core admin functions and is therefore one of it's key assets needing data protection! OFSTED have stated that they expect to identify the up-to-date measures and policies a school has in place to secure it's data and networks. 

We can work closely with you to help you satisfy these requirements with 'outstanding' practical measures.  We can provide:

  • Firewall - we install a robust firewall to secure your data and internal network by scanning all traffic in and out of your network for viruses, spyware, malware and hacking attempts
  • Antivirus - we advise, install and monitor 24/7 a managed anti-virus to provide maximum protection
  • Technical Advice - we support your security policy
  • Encryption - we identify the key mobile devices that require data encryption software, the level of encryption and the best tools
  • Backup and Recovery - we implement efficient, reliable and regular backups to minimise any downtime and with fast recovery if needed - see our Backup service

In addition, our Online Backup service is certified by the Department for Education for it's compliance with the Data Protection Act and is a highly reliable and cost effective solution that provides maximum protection

100% security for flashdrives via encrypted PIN access:

This fantastic device has a PIN access that is encrypted to a military grade so data is easily secured and available for use by any device with a USB port.  It is designed to be used frequently and offers peace-of-mind security at an affordable price.


The flashdrive also houses a rechargeable battery allowing the user to enter a 7-15 digit PIN number before connecting the drive to a USB port.  All data that is transferred is encrypted in real-time and protected from unauthorised access even if the flashdrive is lost or stolen.

In addition, it doesn't require any software or drivers to be installed.

Easy to use and guarantees 100% protection!

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