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Protect pupils and staff online - Essential for Ofsted!

We work closely with schools to ensure advanced internet filters are in place and key sites blocked.  We also uniquely provide filtering software that is flexible, secure and easy to control by staff at the school, therefore empowering them to rapidly respond to teaching and learning needs that require internet use as and when required such as site blocking/unblocking.  If additional support is required, our technical team are available to assist where needed via our included SLA.

NCI partner with Netsweeper a leading educational, web content filtering system which is used by children around the world and protecting 1 in 5 pupils in the UK (approximately 2.5 million users).

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The Netsweeper system has been a great success with schools because it meets Ofsted’s requirements for optimum e-safety compliance. It delivers four key benefits:

Optimum site blocking - content blocked on first attempt

  • Highest level of site categorisation
  • Unlike other filtering systems 'categorise-on-demand' can block any new sites that were categorised and deemed inappropriate
  • Customise notification screens that show when blocked sites are accessed.  E.g. include a safety message or website

Easy to use, flexible on-site filtering empowers staff

  • Easily configure and manage different levels of filtering in-house for different groups during school time or after hours
  • E.G. Access a site for a specific lesson or restrict access after school hours; block social networking during school, unblocking at selected times for selected groups or individuals
  • Supports flexible teaching and increases access to secure multimedia use

Frequent reports for greater internet safety knowledge

  • Reports can be generated automatically, daily, weekly or monthly
  • Information can be provided about URLs, time and data accessed, computer IP, user login, policy group and more.
  • You are empowered, therefore, to define, measure and analyse activity for example, verifying where students go online.

Easy integration for multiple users and devices

  • Easily integrates with a variety of user authentication methods perfectly supporting an education setting
  • All devices have onsite access to the internet via the Netsweeper internet filter
  • Granular filter settings for user groups

IOS device authentication and proactive reports

  • Included with our 3 year contracts or available as an optional extra we can add to device authentication user login
  • Proactive reporting to school ICT lead/head for unsuitable we searched/ URL blocks. Ideal for school prevent strategy

For more information on our web content filtering services for schools please contact us.


It is now quick and easy to access online media as part of the lessons and set the filter to block the site after the lesson is finished. Plus, it's so flexible I can work on my lesson plans at home, incorporate multi-media and then use it seamlessly in the classroom without compromising child safety or security.

Paula Ross, Assistant Head Teacher
Marlborough Primary School

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