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Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery

We believe that backups are the most important thing you should invest in for your business. The reality is that there are multiple ways your business can lose its data. Natural disasters, hardware failures, malware, ransomware, hackers, employees (either by accident or with intent) are all commonplace. Having a robust backup plan in place to protect your business if one of these events strikes is not only smart but also imperative to running a sustainable business. A recent article reported that 60% of businesses that suffer a catastrophic data loss incident will cease trading within six months.

Consider these statistics that demonstrate the importance of having a backup plan in place.


cloud backup and recovery infographic


Does your current backup solution meet these key criteria?

Are your backups safe?

Not all backup services are the same. Your backup data must be encrypted, backup systems should be protected by passwords and have multi-factor authentication enabled. It is not sufficient to rely on staff changing a backup drive or tape to protect your data. Cybercriminals will attempt to target your backups prior to a ransomware attack. Your IT Service provider must be capable of taking care of these issues or your backups are at risk.

Are your backups monitored?

Don't always assume that your backups are continuously being monitored by your IT provider. Always check and ask to see if they can send you a regular report on the backup of your data.

Are your backups tested?

Our backup service has the capability to perform scheduled and automatic recovery testing. When was the last time you tested to see if your backups could be recovered?

How long can your business operate without its data?

Corporate businesses such as Facebook, Equifax, Yahoo, eBay, and British Airways have all suffered data breaches. If a cybercriminal really wants to access your systems, they probably will succeed. In the event of a data loss incident, you need to be able to restore your data and systems quickly and with ease. Without a timely data recovery process, your business' activities could be severely affected by downtime.


Protect your data and avoid costly downtime with our modern backup and disaster recovery

Here at NCI Technologies we use enterprise-grade backup products and service providers. Our services are designed to fit within the budget of small/medium businesses with discounted costs available for schools. It is worth remembering that all businesses should have, at minimum, daily monitored cloud backup in place. 

Depending on the complexity of your business and reliance on IT we will also assess and provide recommendations on the following; storing local backup copies, on-site disaster recovery, backup to removable media or another cloud provider. This could include augmenting your backup with a secondary backup service.


Our managed backup services have the following capabilities: 


cyan backup icon Backup for servers, PCs, Mac, Microsoft 365, and Google G Suite.
purple backup icon UK-based data centres (ISO Certified).
teal backup icon Backup monitoring, alerting, and reporting.
pink backup icon Automated backup recovery testing.
orange backup icon Storage and network controls (additional protection of local backup systems and data).
red backup icon Endpoint protection (MDR protection for on-site backup appliances).
green backup icon Monthly archiving.
yellow backup icon Disaster recovery.
blue backup icon Standby server(s).

For more information on our managed backup services please contact our friendly sales team.

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