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Our range of data connections are designed for business customers and whilst business services may cost a little more they also include better service levels and performance.  Our team will carefully consider your intended usage before getting you connected. 

We work with several core business partners to provide these services and will take care of the entire order process through to installation and ongoing support. 

The key services we provide include: 

Business Broadband / Superfast Broadband 

FTTC connections up to 80Mb download (Fibre to the Cabinet) 

FTTP connections up to 330Mb download (Fibre to the Premise) 

Broadband connections are Asymmetrical which means that the Download speed is significantly greater than the upload speed. Upload speeds for Broadband is up to 30Mb but typically 10Mb for FTTC and 30Mb for FTTP. 

Converged Superfast Broadband 

FTTC connections with Guaranteed Service Level for Voice Calls (SIP) 

Converged FTTC allows you to access the internet and make voice calls from a compatible phone system over a single connection. 

Converged FTTC is a cost effective way to move away from traditional ISDN and provide a more  flexible service for voice calls.  

EFM (Copper Ethernet) 

Dedicated bandwidth up to 30Mb upload/download with the same characteristics as Leased Line. 

EFM is a symmetric circuit which means the upload and download speed are the same. EFM has similar performance capabilities to Leased Line Ethernet.  The key difference is that EFM is delivered over copper wire instead of fibre and it has a limited maximum speed.  EFM is a lower cost alternative to Leased Line and can be used to carry Voice traffic. 

Leased Lines (Fibre Ethernet) 

Dedicated bandwidth for data and voice from 2Mb up to 1Gb, Leased Lines are the top performing connection type when it comes to Internet connectivity, bandwidth is symmetrical which means the upload and download speeds are the same. 

Dedicated means that you don’t share your speed with anyone so you get exceptional speeds – with ultra-low latency - that never, ever slow down. Leased Lines are also the best option to deliver voice services as they come with a Service Level Agreement (SLA) which includes an uptime guarantee. You can move away from traditional ISDN and use a leased line to provide your internet connectivity and voice calls. 


Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) is a network protocol used in high performance wide area networks. It provides an extremely efficient and secure method of routing data on a private customer network protected from the Internet.  

MPLS is suitable for businesses with multiple sites to create a private network between all of the sites on which you can deliver IT and Voice Services.  This could include centralising the IT either at an existing site, in a data centre or in the cloud. 

An MLPS network can be connected to cloud services such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS to provide all sites with secure access to cloud services with a centralised internet breakout to control and manage web traffic. 

 For more information on data connections please contact us.

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