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Transform teaching and learning by choosing Chromebooks for your school!

Chromebooks are durable web-based devices powered by a Google Chrome operating system. All programs are accessed via the internet (or downloaded if used in offline mode) with all data saved to the cloud. They are simple and secure shareable devices that students and teachers can use to collaborate and create together.

Encourage and develop teamwork among pupils by using Google tools such as Hangouts, Meet or Docs. Teach students skills for the future such as video production, coding and podcasting with teacher-approved apps. With available Android apps, Chromebook apps and Chrome extensions, you can open new doors for learning and creativity.

Chromebooks offer anytime, anywhere computing with the following benefits:

Quick set-up

Quickly deploy, manage, and set policies on devices. Automatic updates and built-in multilayer security ensure students and teachers can work safely on devices that are with integrated Workspace for Education and Classroom. Individual Google profiles makes personal settings available on any Chromebook students sign in on.

Low price point

Low cost devices make computers truly accessible with a 61% lower total cost of ownership than competitors. Designed from the ground up to be shareable with an unlimited number of students.

All shapes and sizes

A wide choice of web apps and built-in accessibility features such as ChromeVox and support for devices like braille keyboards assists students with a variety of learning needs helping to engage students deeply in learning and building skills for the future.

Use in or out of the classroom

Students can access their work from any device, simplifying organisation and allowing them to focus more on learning. Chromebooks makes it easier to assign hands-on projects and encourage deeper skill development, helping educators personalise learning, engage students, and improve overall performance.

To discover more about Chromebooks and how they can transform learning in your classroom contact our friendly sales team.

Benefits of Chromebooks for Schools

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