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Marlborough School

A superfast boost to internet services

NCI approached Marlborough School with an opportunity to enhance the schools' internet service via a complete internet solution.  At the time Marlborough were struggling with poor internet provision, email service and a frustrating filtering solution which compromised both teaching and learning opportunities and operational efficiency. 

Keen to switch providers, Marlborough embraced NCI's internet solutions agreeing to an initial trial period.  They soon discovered that NCI's package of secure services opened the door to a considerably more flexible, cost-effective teacher and pupil-friendly service.

How NCI supported Marlborough School:

  • Superfast boost to internet connection - faster, more reliable and secure
  • Flexible web-filtering empowers ICT use in lessons with advanced e-safety
  • Web-filtering reports - evaluate data to protect children's online use and identify esafety learning opportunities
  • Easy, safe access and sharing of documents from home or anywhere at anytime
  • E-safety training
  • E-safety resources via community media hub:
  • Technical support from a dedicated education team




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