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Protect Your Systems from Web-based Threats with Domain Name Service (DNS) Filtering

Cybercriminals are constantly evolving their tactics. Recently, there have been a number of campaigns to steal user names and passwords by redirecting users to websites that emulate the Microsoft 365 sign in page and look-a-like banking websites. 

While the internet will always be a breeding ground for malicious attacks and cyber threats, you can stay safe by keeping your software and systems up-to-date and blocking access to potentially dangerous sites. As part of our on-going commitment to help keep our customers data and systems secure from such threats we are providing services that adopt a Zero Trust approach to cybersecurity. DNS filtering is one of these services and is focused on web access.


NCI Technologies DNS Filtering


The main benefits of this service are: 

> Web Threat Protection

DNS filtering helps block sites that contain malware and prevent look-a-like sites from stealing user credentials. Blocks can be put in place for botnets, crypto mining, malware, phishing, proxy, and filter avoidance. DNS filtering uses artificial intelligence (AI) to continuously scan more than 180,000,000 websites to determine their purpose and content type. Sites that potentially contain malware, ransomware, advertising, or scams are flagged and can be blocked automatically. This creates a first-line-of-defence between a click from a user and serving the harmful page.

> Secure Remote Workers

As all internet access is filtered, DNS filtering offers safe and secure internet browsing both in and out of the office. Remote and home workers who are using company laptops are securely protected and productivity is increased with the ability to block time-waster websites.

> Content Filtering

Our DNS filtering allows you to block or restrict access to 36 content categories. These include adult and inappropriate content, terrorism and hate sites, weapons, drugs, peer-to-peer (P2P), file sharing, and distracting sites which might include certain types of social media. The use of safe search for common search engines can be enforced, while whitelists and blacklists can be used to restrict or allow access to known websites.

> Keep Control of your Data by Managing Access to Common Internet Applications

Access to common internet applications that you don’t want users saving data to or using to communicate with others on company owned devices can be blocked or restricted. A common example would be blocking access to Dropbox and or restricting access to Snapchat and Facebook messenger. Categories for these applications include filesharing, messaging, VPN and Proxy, VoIP, mail, remote desktop, and financial.


DNS Filtering Website Blocking DNS Filtering User Reporting

Increased productivity by blocking time-waster websites

User-level reporting on sites and apps used by employees


> Quick Deployment and Instant Protection

If you already have a support contract with us, we can have your systems protected within minutes. Installation has been automated for all PROsupport and PROsupport+ customers.

What is DNS?

Whenever you access an internet-based service, your computer uses a service called DNS to look up internet addresses and converts them into IP addresses. It is sometimes referred to as the phone book of the internet but the main point to be aware of is that DNS is a key service used to enable any device (PC, laptop, server, mobile phone etc.) to access the internet.  

In April 2021, the National Security Agency (NSA) and Cybersecurity Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) issued an advisory on the growing need to introduce a Protective Domain Name Service (PDNS) solution to your organisation’s security footprint. Because DNS is foundational to most online activity, it is also the layer where many attacks including malware, phishing, command and control, and domain generation algorithms first strike. Analysing and protecting your organisation’s DNS queries is a key defensive strategy, and the right PDNS solution can make a major difference in your security posture.

DNS filtering is the easiest and fastest way to secure web access which, for many businesses, is the most vulnerable area within their IT network.

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