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Camelford Community Primary School

NCI Technologies helps local school to expand benefiting the local community

Camelford Community Primary School is based in the ancient town of Camelford in the north of Cornwall. The school prides itself on its vibrant atmosphere and inclusive ethos, where each child is valued as an individual. The school works to uphold this by following three promises; we are safe, we are ready and we are respectful.

How NCI Helped Solve Camelford Community Primary School's Big Dilemma

  • Bespoke network solution
  • High performance WiFi
  • Digital interactive technologies including computers and iPads


Camelford Community Primary School Networks


The expansion of Camelford Primary School has greatly benefi ted the growing local community. It has not only provided a much needed consistent and stable learning environment with additional places for local children but has also allowed the students to benefit from up-to-date ICT technologies to enhance their already outstanding learning environment.

Want to read the full story? Download our Camelford Community Primary School printable case study here.



NCI provided us with a very high quality service throughout the process from the design stage, through installation to their continuing support. NCI representatives were in regular attendance at planning meetings for the new build to ensure that cabling and positioning of hardware such as interactive screens were an integral part of the new build rather than an ‘add on’ after completion. We remain very pleased and impressed with their work and support throughout the process.

Lee Bacchus
Camelford Primary School

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