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School Wifi - fast, secure and reliable

For a fast, secure and reliable Wifi connection

A wireless network gives easy and instant network access.  However, to provide a multiple access point wireless network, that gives reliable bandwidth over large areas requires a thorough site survey and design by a wifi specialist.  If you're experiencing loss of wireless connection, poor coverage or your wifi is struggling as more devices are added to your network then speak to our specialist for advice.

Can your Wifi cope as your school advances?

The modern digital classroom is media rich, utilises laptops, notebooks, interactive displays and smart-phones to take teaching and learning to the next level.

A number of providers are installing home-based systems in schools that appear cheaper but these seldom work properly as they aren't created to cope with school requirements for coverage and workload and become a false economy as your requirements grow.

NCI deliver proven, enhanced Wifi for education

Our engineers survey, design, install and support wireless networks that are hassle free, safe and expand coverage specifically for the school environment.  Our aim is to provide the best performance possible for your school.  Once set up the ease of use and quality of service is evident with a system able to expand efficiently as required.

  • A Comprehensive site survey reporting coverage and bandwith
  • Consistent and reliable connectivity with fewer access points
  • Significant coverage and high performance
  • IT staff can automatically provision wireless device settings, authentication and security parameters on mobile devices
  • Highly secure, simple to deploy and maintain

The Wifi Test

We will conduct a comprehensive tamograph site survey to look at how well you wifi is working for you. The survey will help us identify the best method to boost your wireless network to improve speed, reliability and coverage and also allow for potential expansion across the campus if required.  The signal level map shown below is just one element of the extensive site survey we will carry out.

For more information on our WiFi services for schools please contact us.

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