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Wonde allows you to connect your educational apps into one single login for students, teachers and school staff.

Simple Logins

Students of any age can instantly log into their apps with a magic badge. A quick creative writing lesson helps students to easily to remember their Emoji password. Enable a username/email address and password for older students.

Wonde - magic-badge  

Custom Dashboard Tiles

Create your own dashboard tiles for students and teachers. Tailor these links on a class basis and mix these alongside true Single Sign-On apps. Everything linked from one central location.

Wonde - SSO-dashboard

MIS Integration

Your Single Sign-On accounts are automatically created or deactivated with your accurate MIS data. When a new student joins the school, their account is automatically created. When a teacher leaves the school, their logins are automatically suspended to assist with safeguarding.

Wonde - MIS-Integration

Mobile App

Wonde is the launchpad for students and teachers. All of their apps and main online resources and tools are linked from one central location.

Wonde - mobile-app


Wonde SSO automatically unlocks a Chromebook. The user holds up their magic badge to the camera or enters their Emoji Password and they’re taken straight through!

Wonde - google-chromebook

To discover more about Wonde get in contact our friendly sales team.

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