Internet Connection

A range of internet services including 3G broadband

NCI provide your business with a range of lines and internet services including 3G broadband with static IP addresses and bonded DSL to suit your telephony needs.  We work closely with BT engineers to ensure you have a variety of connection options and our technical team can assist with communications circuits and planning and installing site-to-site connectivity too. 

Making your data communications easy, products include:

  • Business Class ADSL/SDSL

ADSL/SDSL services provide a simple affordable solution to a business’s connectivity requirements, offering speeds of up to 24MB.  For smaller businesses this may provide the entire connectivity solution, however, for larger sized businesses this connection may be used mainly for home workers or for dedicated VoIP traffic.

  • Superfast fibre broadband

Superfast broadband delivers speeds up to 330Mbps, compared with the traditionals ADSL broadband, and uses fibre-optic cable to deliver the service via Fibre-To-Premises (FTP) or Fibre-To-Cabinet (FTC) - to the cabinet at the roadside. In Cornwall the next phase of delivering superfast broadband aims to upgrade about 1,700 premises by Sep 2016 and will continue to 2020.

  • Bonded DSL
  • Private Leased Line Internet Service (1:1 contention)
  • Load Balanced Internet Service with optional 3G Backup (Fixed ip addressing available)
  • Private Wide Area Networks (PWAN) utilising ADSL/SDSL or Leased Line.
  • Virtual Private Networks (VPN) low cost site to site links.
  • MPLS and Voice Grade DSL Circuits (designed for Voice over IP and connection to Internet Telephony Solutions Providers)

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Our internet connection is over 10 times faster with 'Superfast Broadband' so we have enhanced customer support, online comms such as VOIP and Skype plus, developed our popular cloud computing services.

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