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NAO Visits Truro Hospital Children's Ward

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It was the day before the night before Christmas, and all throughout the children's ward at Treliske Hospital there was a quiet excitement.  Our little humanoid robot 'Toby' was sat craddled in our Directors' arms, silently awaiting his grand entrance.

As the robot team walked onto each ward, children and staff were taken by surprise to see a little robot visiting them.  The children varied from young pre-schoolers to teenagers and many were prepped and awaiting operations.  Toby proved to be a fantastic distraction to make them laugh and smile and take their attention away from any anxieties or pain they may be experiencing.  They couldn't take their eyes off him. Watching the NAO robot curiously as it sat on the floor of the ward; they were a little suspicious but also bemused and excited - what does this robot do?

The NAO humanoid robot stirred and sprang into action with a 'beep beep', lights flashing, and started to rise up, standing onto his feet. He is only 58cm tall and displays human characteristics rather like a small friendly child, so the children respond quickly to him - amazed at his movements and agility.

Toby said hello and introduced himself, he capitivated them with a Christmas poem and made them laugh and wiggle with the 'Gangnam style' dance.  Toby also asked them questions and engaged them in a funny quiz - they chatted freely with him, delighted with this new vivacious friend.

NAO robot was bringing a smile to their faces and of course, laughter is a great therapy for healing too.

Thank you to Deborah Charles, play specialist at Treliske, who helped to coordinate our visit.

Toby the NAO robot live on air!

That afternoon, Toby and the team were also invited onto the hospital radio programme, by CHBN presenter Mike Brown. 

Andy Trish, Education Director, was asked about the robot and the fantastic work the NAO robots are doing in schools to support the learning of programming skills and inspiring interest in the STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths).

Listen and watch Toby on air!

NCI also provided the studio with two monitors to add to their growing technology resource.

Mike Brown, Producer/Presenter at CHBN radio says: 'Thanks for the new monitors guys, these will be used for a multi-function security project our engineers are working on and will help us move forwards in 2017.

Click: NAO Robot, if you would like any further information about NAO robots and how they are being used to help children in schools.  Click IT Services, for more details about our IT for schools and businesses or call our team today on 01326 379 497.




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