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NCI and Targus Saving the World One Bottle at a Time

Here at NCI Technologies we are continuing to build on our recent commitment to improve our corporate responsibility by developing more sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. Our most recent move to improve these practices has been to team up with well-known laptop computer case and accessories producer Targus.

By re-imagining their supply chain and the materials they use Targus are turning the tide on ocean and landfill pollution. As part of this commitment Targus now produce an award-winning range of eco laptop carrycases called Ecosmart®. This new range is produced using fabrics from recycled materials including water bottles, nickel free components plus recyclable zip pulls. With a stylish and ergonomic design for comfort they are still robust enough to safely protect your valuable tech inside. The eco good news doesn't stop there! When one of these bags comes to the end of its life you can recycle it using your curbside recycling. Just imagine what it could become after that.


Targus EcoRange


Watch the below video to see how they are making a difference through this product range one bottle at a time.



We were so impressed with the Targus EcoSmart® range that we wanted these products to become our 'go to' brand for all our customers' laptop computer case and accessories needs. The next time you need to upgrade your digital device’s protective case or accessories remember to keep this eco-friendly choice in mind. After all we only have one planet: let’s make the best of it.

To find out more about this new earth-sensitive option and to join the fight against climate change make the great decision to contact our friendly sales team.

Stay tuned to our news and blog pages along with our social media for updates on further improvements we will be making to achieve our own corporate social responsibility goals for a better future for our planet.





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