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Excellent E-safety Tips for the Half Term Holidays!

Excellent E-safety Tips for the Half Term Holidays!

Here are our top five tips for e-safety on the internet this half-term! Have a safe but excellent break!

Tip One

Protect your personal information to stay safe! Don’t share your full name, email address, phone number, home address, photos or school name to people you chat with online.

Tip Two

People on the internet can be strangers and don’t always tell the truth about who they are. Not all information on the internet is always true.

Tip Three

Think before you open messages, emails or texts from strangers or people you don’t trust – they may contain nasty viruses or messages.

Tip Four

If you chat with someone online then arrange to meet them, you may be putting yourself in danger. Only do this with your parents or carer’s knowledge and when they can be present.

Tip Five

Tell a parent, carer or someone you trust if something makes you uncomfortable, scared, worried or if you or a friend is being bullied online. You can report online abuse to the police at

For more information and tips on e-safety visit our e-safety portal:




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