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Want to get to know our IT Consultant a little better? We interviewed James for a glimpse into his passions, struggles and.... quirky socks!?

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My job is really varied, from selling a single mouse to a multi-server solution! But, what really makes me buzz is when I work with great people.

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The dog next door barking! But often, because I’m thinking through solutions I am developing, as I just can’t seem to switch my brain off!

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One which includes cakes! And, hearing lovely compliments about our team when I talk to our customers

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My worst day ever was several years ago at a school. I had three backup solutions fail and data was lost, which involved so much of my time to fix it that I had to write to exam boards for exemptions for the students. It was very stressful!

Here at NCI, I managed to order the wrong equipment and even had it installed – oops!

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‘If you can be late, then you can be early’

‘Death is the only reason to be off work and only then if it’s your own, and you must be back the next day!’

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Taz – like a whirlwind! Though a little more coherent!

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No-one springs to mind however, I am inspired by each day as is reflected by my quirky socks – my inner child is released!

Quirky Socks

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Sweets! – again, the inner child, plus, a great way to unite the office team!


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