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Improve Customer Service Satisfaction with 3CX Call Queues

Are you looking for ways to improve customer inbound call satisfaction? Look no further. Here at NCI Technologies we implement a call queue strategy using, you guessed it, our number one telecoms solution 3CX. Although some may not think much of call queues, when used correctly they can really add value to your business helping to improve customer service by ensuring you never miss a call. Even using perfectly chosen on hold music and customer messages as part of a call queue strategy has been shown to increase caller retention by up to 98%.

3CX call queues enable NCI Technologies to distribute incoming calls to specific resources within our business such as finance, sales, marketing or technical, allowing us to hold calls until a staff member becomes available. This enables us to take more calls than we can handle at any one time saving the need to employ additional staff.


contact center queue calls


Choosing to deploy 3CX has allowed us to benefit from the following call queue features:

  • Customers can opt to be called back when they reach the top of the queue
  • Ability to see if a customer dropped out of the queue and can call them back
  • Improved customer service by screening calls with listen in, whisper and barge features
  • Staff can log in or out of call queues
  • Staff can have a wrap up time to complete the admin to close down a support call before their line rings again
  • Queue manager receives notifications when a call has breached our service level agreement
  • Real time call statistics (calls taken, abandoned, average wait time, longest wait time and average talk time. All are easily viewed on a wall board display monitor in the office.
  • Clearly see which staff members are on the phone and to which company or phone number
  • Ability to choose from the following call strategies:
    • Round robin
    • Longest waiting
    • Least talk time
    • Fewest answered
    • Hunt by threes - random
    • Hunt by threes - prioritised

call center wallboard

Pictured: The 3CX Wallboard is a web based utility integrated with the 3CX Web Client. The Wallboard shows Real Time Queue statistics that are of utmost importance to operators and supervisors.


Utilising 3CX call queues and their supporting features has helped us to maintain our exceptional service promise and provide data to improve our employee training.

For more information on how 3CX can boost your business productivity and improve customer service visit our dedicated 3CX page or contact our friendly sales team. Make the right call for your telecoms communication solutions and choose NCI Technologies.


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