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How to Simply Switch to a 3CX VoIP Phone System

Are you thinking of switching to a 3CX VoIP phone system but have concerns about how easy it is to switch or how the process will affect your business? Although every installation is unique to an organisation it really can be simple and hassle free.

Our Sales Executive and resident telecoms guru James Scott talks through the simple step-by-step switchover process that NCI Technologies uses below.

  Ready to move to a 3CX VoIP Phone System?

Here’s how we can simply and smoothly move your business over to a 3CX VoIP phone system:


1. As part of the quotation process, your salesperson will build a detailed list of your business’ requirements

2. Once you place your order a number of processes will then all happen simultaneously in the background

3. If you have ordered a new internet connection this will be provisioned, but will not affect your current internet connection

4. If you are having an auto attendant on your system the messages for this will be recorded. This may be by yourself, our team or professional voiceover. NCI can help you pick the right voice for your needs

5. Your engineer will build your new phone system for you in our lab setting up all the handsets, voicemail and auto attendants

6. As the date for your phone system gets closer the process of moving your phone numbers (porting) will begin

7. You will be given the date that your phone numbers move, this will be after your phone system is installed

8. On the day your phone system is installed our engineer will come to your office and place on each user's desk their phone. Training will be given to a phone system champion who can then train the rest of your staff

9. We recommend that you start using the phone system at this point for making calls so that your team know how the system works

10. Normally a few days after your phone system is installed your phone numbers will all move over to the new system, this is normally around 10 am. We advise on this day that you tell everyone who calls you that you are having work done on the phone system

11. At the change over time your existing phone system will stop ringing and your new one will start. You can then start using the new system for your incoming calls


It’s as simple as that with the help of our experienced communications team handling every part of the switchover process.

Ready to make the switch to 3CX? Get in contact with our friendly sales team who will discuss your options further.

Not quite convinced? Why not visit our dedicated 3CX page for more information. Make the right call for your telecoms communication solutions and choose NCI Technologies.





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