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Moving to a Digital Infrastructure: 6 Checkpoints to Consider

COVID-19 made the move to remote working happen in a flash and requirements for cyber security changed for both the short and long-term overnight. Having a clear picture of what new IT security measures you might need when moving to a digital infrastructure can seem complicated. A wrong configuration in software or not having multi-factor authentication setup could increase the chances of falling victim to cybercrime.

Moving to a Digital Infrastructure: 6 Checkpoints to Ask Header

Knowing what questions to ask is a good starting point. As a kick-start we’ve collated some checkpoints that you can discuss with your current or prospective IT provider to ensure that this transition is managed safely and securely.

What technology do you have in place?

Have a clear understanding of what IT assets you own, operate and manage yourself. Identify who is responsible for securing this technology.

Are you using cloud services

Always assess the security of any cloud-hosted software products and check who is responsible for the security of the service. The NCSC has a practical guide on this here.

Do you already have IT Support

When making the shift to a more digital business model having the support of an IT company will give you peace of mind should these services become unavailable. Be clear on what level of support you have and how you can access it if required.

What cyber security measures are in place

Establish a baseline set of security policies for your IT. The NCSC’s Small Business Guide and Cyber Essentials Guide are good starting points to put this in place.

Should you be following any regulations

When it comes to data security rules are not made to broken. Depending on what kind of data you are processing you will need to be clear on your legal and regulatory responsibilities between yourself and your IT supplier.

Have you considered cyber insurance?

If you have cyber insurance in place check if it will be affected by your change in circumstances. For example, working from home or outsourcing key functions for your business.

Looking for support?

If you ever fall victim to cybercrime you should report it to Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 or via their website.

Need some extra advice? The NCI Technologies team are always happy to discuss your IT support needs. You can find out how to contact us here.



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