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Meet Microsoft Teams for Education

Microsoft Teams isn’t just a collaboration tool for business! It can make a positive difference to any education establishment. Whether it’s creating more collaborative classrooms, connecting professionally or communicating easily with staff, you can achieve it all from one single place within Teams.

What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams comes as standard with every Microsoft 365 for Education package. Imagine it as a digital hub that brings messaging, video meetings, files and apps all together in one central place allowing you to create exciting learning environments. As Teams is part of Microsoft 365 for Education it allows for seamless integration with other 365 apps and services. It offers advanced security and compliance that is easily tailored and scalable to suit your education requirements.


Microsoft teams for Education


How can Microsoft Teams Benefit educators?

Microsoft Teams allows students, educators and support staff to work together and share learning resources from one central platform. Easy to learn and simple to use it will offer the following benefits.

  • Microsoft Teams comes as standard with every Microsoft 365 Education package
  • Sync school data from school’s information systems to populate classes with student registers
  • Work together, easily access files and share resources with in-built Microsoft 365 apps
  • Stay in touch with staff and students with messaging and video meetings or calls
  • Personalise Teams with your favourite education and organisation tools
  • Online classrooms are easily enabled for distance learning
  • Create assignments, share feedback and track grades
  • Produce and store resources with OneNote in Teams
  • Free on-demand support for transforming learning with Teams for Education
  • Free on-demand Teams best practice webinars are available

View the video below to hear from students and teachers on how Microsoft Teams has benefited teaching and learning for them.



Ready to get Started with Microsoft Teams?

If you think Microsoft Teams would be a great addition to your education environment get in touch with us. Our friendly tech team can help you make the first step to making the most of this collaborative app to help create a personal, engaging and connected learning experience for all.

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