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Is your Current IT Support Leaving your Business Vulnerable to Cybercrime?

Even though we have seen the introduction of a COVID 19 vaccine it might be a while before we are working in anything like the old-style office environment again. Many of us continue to work remotely and even when life returns to near normal, flexible working may be the future of the modern workplace. For this reason, it is important to have the right IT support and security contract in place now.

With these possible future changes to working practices in mind, NCI Technologies has upgraded its current IT support offering. Our new three-tiered support contract, PROsupport+, offers major enhancements for the security of PC’s and servers. Our IT engineers have designed a managed services contract that addresses the increase in remote working and the rise of business-targeted cybercrime. This will allow you to rest easy knowing your data and networks will remain secure no matter where your employees are working from.

Why do I need improved IT support for remote working?

Outsourcing your IT support can have many positive benefits. These can include access to a high level of expertise, reduced IT costs, scalable IT, improved productivity, 24/7 support and, most importantly, robust and up-to-date IT security.

It’s easy to assume that small businesses are at a lower risk when it comes to cybercrime compared to larger organisations. In reality, small businesses are at an equal risk of becoming victims of cybercrime. A common reason is that budgets and available resources tend to be smaller, leaving them vulnerable to malicious attacks. Add into the mix increased home working means cybercriminals are ready to exploit those without robust IT security in place.


2020 Cyberattack trends*

2020 Cybercrime Trends


Many remote workers rely on the use of a home computer rather than a corporate-issued device. This can create its own set of IT security risks that you may not be aware of. 

  • Home computers will contain a high volume of both business and personal information which can be an appealing target for cybercriminals
  • Home devices can be riddled with malware
  • Many users will have no form of internet gateway security to prevent unauthorised users from accessing your networks
  • Home devices are unable to be monitored in the same way as corporate devices
  • Old versions of software may still be in use, critical updates might not have been performed or important software might be missing
  • Home devices will be operating on networks that you are unable to secure

Relying on an employee having antivirus software in place is not enough to protect your business data and networks. Cyberattacks have evolved and attackers have become much more sophisticated. The majority of malicious threats now come from malware-free attacks. These require sophisticated detection techniques to identify and intercept them which antivirus on its own cannot do.

If you do supply your staff with fully managed corporate devices, it is important to have strong IT security measures in place from the outset. This will help protect you from the possible risk of data loss, careless employees or IT outages.


Experience of Data Breaches and Attacks


How can PROsupport+ better protect my organisation?

PROsupport+ is a suite of software and services that provides your business with responsive technical support and advanced security software. Our goal is to ensure that you can focus on running your business, whilst reducing the risk of downtime and security threats, providing staff direct access to a help desk to take care of day-to-day IT issues.

PROsupport+ gives you access to IT consultants that can advise on how new and emerging technologies could benefit your business and help drive the direction of your IT forward.

No matter where your devices are located, we are able to monitor them to help protect your data and networks. After a full system scan and removal of any malware our engineers deploy advanced security software to monitor and remediate cybersecurity threats, malware, viruses and malicious software. Our new PROsupport+ contract now includes the following enhancements as standard.

Improved Desktop Security

Often remote workers do not have the protection of a company firewall and antivirus software is not enough to fall back on. PROsupport+ now includes Sentinel One – Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR). Sentinel One monitors your system to help protect against advanced malicious threats that can infect and potentially provide network and data access to cybercriminals.

Upgraded Server Security

We have included a new level of security for servers called Managed Detection and Response (MDR). MDR bolsters the security of your server from advance threats with 24/7 monitoring and response helping to protect your server and data from cyber threats. Without this level of security there is an increased risk to your data and the availability of your systems. 

Next Level Patching

PROsupport+ now includes 3rd party patching designed to keep common 3rd party applications such as web browsers, Adobe Reader and Zoom up-to-date. Having this security in place prevents cybercriminals from exploiting advertising pop-ups to deliver malicious code and malware directly to your systems.

Time to give your Business a PROsupport+ boost? 

For more information simply download our PROsupport+ datasheetFree 30-minute review appointments are available to book online here or you can contact our friendly sales team to see how we can help support your business.


Source: *Mid-Year Update: 2020 SonicWall Cyber Threat Report | 2020 GLOBAL CYBERATTACK TRENDS





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