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Protecting your Data: Six Advantages of Managed Cloud Backup and Recovery

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What is Cloud Backup and Recovery?

The term ‘backup and recovery’ refers to the process of backing up critical business data in case of loss and implementing a system that allows for that data to be recovered. Data is copied or archived to a secure and separate offsite location such as the cloud. This means that data is quickly accessible if it should be lost or damaged due to an unplanned event such as a natural disaster, power failure, cyberattack, human error, or hardware failure. Managed cloud backup and recovery should form a part of your organisation’s wider disaster recovery plan.

Why is Cloud Backup and Recovery Essential for Your Organisation?

A recent report showed that 60% of small organisations are likely to fold within six months after falling victim to a data loss incident. If your organisation is hit by such an event, it is important for you to be able to recover your files and applications quickly. Having a reliable backup and disaster recovery process in place will help you to reduce the risks faced from data loss and downtime. Let’s explore the wider benefits of investing in cloud backup and recovery.

Increased Data Security

Having isolated, offsite backups of your data held in the cloud can help to reduce the impact of potential cyberattacks. While cybercriminals may attempt to attack your on-premises systems and local backups, your off-site backups will be stored at a 3rd party data centre, designed to offer security, reliability, and availability. Further protection is provided with the use of data encryption, the backup software client is password protected and backup system access is secured with multi-factor authentication.

Instant Access and Easy Management

Cloud backup as a service can help simplify, speed-up, and improve your ability to respond to a disaster. There is no need to rely on staff members to manually backup their files or change a backup drive or tape to secure your data. Your cloud backups are automated and scheduled by your managed service provider based on your specific requirements. If an incident occurs, data can be swiftly restored from any location, making it an ideal option for those who offer hybrid working.

Fully Monitored and Tested Backups

Did you know that 60% of organisations have incomplete backups, and 50% of their recoveries failed? Your backup process should be monitored and tested regularly so your organisation can effectively retrieve key data to ensure business continuity. Regular monitoring and reporting by an experienced service provider will highlight any gaps or weaknesses allowing for remediations to be made before a potential outage can occur. Always remember, you are only as good as your last backup!

Reduced the Risk and the Cost Associated with Downtime

The cost of unplanned downtime due to data loss can be huge. It can not only cause financial losses but can also include a loss in productivity, opportunities, and damage to your reputation. In some instances, it could mean your organisation would cease trading. Downtime can be unpredictable but having a robust backup and restore process in place can help minimise any impact on your organisation.

Data Protection

Cloud-based backup and recovery offers data protection in the event of a ransomware, human error, or hardware failure. Data is securely stored in UK data centres that comply with ISO-27001 ISO-9001, PCI-DSS, SOC Type I and SOC Type II helping you to meet compliance standards. Secure backup and recovery will help you to achieve 3-2-1 backup best practices. The 3-2-1 rule states the following:

  • There should be three copies of data on two different media with one of these held offsite.
  • This is the minimum backup procedure you should have in place.
  • In some circumstances and depending on the cost of downtime, it is advisable to use more than one backup product and retain more than one copy offsite.

Easily Scalable

Cloud-based backup and recovery doesn’t require organisations to make an upfront investment in hardware or software. Instead, you pay a monthly subscription fee to secure your data. The cloud’s elasticity allows you to quickly scale up your storage needs or simply scale back down when required. This allows you to only pay for what you need and when you need it. 

Are you ready to rethink your organisation’s backup and recovery strategy?

As a managed service provider serving Cornwall, Devon, and the Southwest NCI Technologies is ready to help you to prevent data loss and minimise downtime. We partner with expert providers who offer a secure cloud-first backup service that includes the ability to test backups regularly with automated recovery testing.  

To find out more, visit our cloud backup and disaster recovery page or contact our friendly sales team.





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