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Spear Phishing: How to Keep Your Organisation Off the Hook

Over the past few months, we have noticed that spear phishing attacks are becoming increasingly difficult to detect. To help you to protect your organisation we’ve created a handy infographic that will enable you to spot the red flags that indicate a spear phishing email. Let’s discover the tell-tale signs of a potential attack.

Spear Phishing Infographic Part One

Spear Phishing Infographic Part Two

Spear Phishing Infographic Part Three

Download a copy of our infographic here.

Defend Your Organisation From Spear Phishing Attacks

The continued growth of spear phishing highlights how successful targeted attacks can be. Training your employees to spot a potential cyberthreat is essential but you also need to invest in robust IT security that block attacks and prevents malicious software being installed. Serving businesses and schools across Cornwall, Devon and the Southwest NCI Technologies deliver expert cybersecurity solutions that offer protection against spear phishing and other malicious attacks. These include:

  • Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection
  • Zero Trust Security Suite
  • Egress Defender
  • Cybersecurity Awareness Training 

To find out more, visit our cybersecurity services page or contact our friendly sales team.




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