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Microsoft Viva Insights: Actionable Insights to Help Improve Your Productivity and Wellbeing

Introducing Microsoft Viva Insights, the employee wellbeing and engagement platform from Microsoft designed to help your team stay connected, productive, and well-balanced in the hybrid workplace. From tracking wellbeing to receiving personalised development advice, Viva Insights helps you focus on your goals so you can be the best version of you!


Did You Know?

viva insights statistics 1

viva insights statistics 2 viva insights statistics 3

68% of people say they don’t have enough uninterrupted focus time during the day1

Since February 2020, people are in 3x more Teams meetings and calls per week1

2 in 3 leaders say their organisation is already feeling the effects of this time deficit1


What is Microsoft Viva Insights?

Microsoft Viva Insights forms a part of the Microsoft Viva Suite, an app which focusses on delivering a modern employee experience across four key areas:

viva connections

viva insights viva learning viva topics

Viva Connections

> Engagement
> News
> Digital toolset

Viva Insights

> Productivity
> Focus
> Wellbeing

Viva Learning

> Development
> Upskilling
> Growth

Viva Topics

> Knowledge
> Expertise
> Empower


Viva Insights specifically focusses on gathering privacy-protected statistics and data while your team works. Using this information, it then provides recommendations on how individuals can balance both their wellbeing and productivity. It may sound like Big Brother is watching you, but the main aim is to offer a happier and productive hybrid work environment.

Access to Viva Insights is provided through seamless integration with Microsoft Teams. Here the dashboard collates actions for the day from your Microsoft email, calendar, and Teams activity. Daily emails also encourage users to create dedicated focus time for projects, have meeting free days, and make time to take a break, reflect or wind down. Monthly activity summaries offer employees and managers an overall insight into productivity and how people are managing their work-life balance.


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What are the Features and Benefits of Microsoft Viva Insights?

Is your organisation looking for a one-stop tool to maximise your performance and manage employee workflows? Microsoft Viva Insights is the ultimate features suite for management and data tracking. With features like personalised insights, real-time monitoring, and automated workload management, Viva Insights makes managing organisations easier than ever before. Here are some of the features and benefits that make Microsoft Viva Insights the perfect choice:


Microsoft Viva Insights Features

> Personal Insights

Personal insights are private and only viewable by you, they are delivered through email in Outlook, Microsoft Teams, or your personal dashboard. These insights provide information on how you are currently working and recommendations on how to build better work habits. This can include suggestions on wellbeing, such as using mindfulness tools and taking breaks, setting time for focused work, or tips on boosting productivity.

> Manager and Leader Insights

Manager and leader insights provide information on the productivity of your team and are only available to management. These insights focus on employee work patterns and help identify after-hours work, lack of focussed work time, meeting overload, and a lack of training. Mindful use of this data can help prevent burnout within your team, ensuring healthy collaboration, productivity and that employees are allowed to continue to thrive.

> Advanced Insights

Advanced out-of-the-box or custom reports identify trends within your organisation’s work culture and where changes can be made to improve output. Use of advanced insights could help enhance your organisation’s agility, boost employee engagement, and foster innovation.


Microsoft Viva Insights Benefits

> Improve Employee Wellbeing

The Viva Insights dashboard offers a range of features that enable employees to develop a healthy balance between remote work and life. These include:

viva insights wellbeing tracker A daily wellbeing tracker - enables you to reflect on how you are feeling and for managers to safeguard their team from burnout.
viva insights daily focus plan Daily Focus Plan - each day, you can plan 1 – 4 hours of focus time which is reserved in your calendar. During this time Teams chat notifications are muted.
viva insights quiet time Quiet Time – allows you to ringfence hours when you want to disconnect from work and recharge. During this time, Outlook email and all Teams notifications are muted.
viva insights virtual commute Virtual Commute – helps you wrap up the day with intention. Choose which days and at what times you want reminders to finish your work and start a virtual commute.
viva-inisghts-headspace Headspace – allows you to practice mindfulness, focus and read articles about the latest topics on well-being. 

> Understand Engagement Habits

When managing a hybrid work environment having an awareness of your team and keeping them engaged is key to your organisation’s success! Viva Insights allows managers to use the ‘My Organisation’ dashboard to view collaboration data, tips on boosting engagement, and to track changes over time.

> Understand Engagement Data

Microsoft Viva Insights allows your organisation to gain visibility into daily workplace communication, and collaboration behaviours to deliver data-driven changes that directly improve productivity and deliver positive business outcomes.

 viva insights dashboard


How Are We Utilising Microsoft Viva Insights?

NCI Technologies has implemented the use of Microsoft Viva Insights to help support productivity and employee wellbeing within our own hybrid team. Our Sales and Business Manager highlights how he uses it both as an employee and manager.

“I use Viva Insights in two ways. Firstly, as an employee I am using the wellbeing section to create a daily focus time where I can concentrate on projects that I am delivering as well as monitoring the time I am working outside of my main contracted hours.


viva insights focus plan


I am also using Viva Insights to be a more mindful manager and take time each day to reflect on who has really gone above and beyond, so I can give my team the praise they deserve. It’s too easy to slip into negative interactions with the team about what has gone wrong or has not been completed. We need to acknowledge that negative things happen but also celebrate how the team have overcome them.”

James Scott

NCI Technologies - Sales and Business Manager


viva insights praise


How Can My Organisation Get Microsoft Viva Insights?

Users with a Microsoft 365 licence can access a limited range of Viva Insights features with an existing plan, or you can access the full employee experience suite with an annual subscription. This includes premium, manager, and leader insights with custom analysis tools and accelerators.

Users can access the Microsoft Viva Insights app through Microsoft Teams. Simply go to Teams and search for ‘Viva Insights’ within ‘Apps’. Once located, you can add and pin it to your Teams app bar.

Microsoft Viva Insights is GDPR compliant, but it’s important to be clear with your team about how you are using their information. Microsoft offers a comprehensive technical privacy guide that explains how you can manage this sensitive data to maintain employee privacy.

Full details on Microsoft Viva Insights pricing and plans can be found here.


Is Your Team Ready to Feel the Microsoft Viva Insights Motivation?

Help prevent burnout and take employee engagement to the next level with the AI power of Microsoft Viva Insights. As a leading Microsoft Partner serving Cornwall, Devon and the South West, NCI Technologies is your go to expert on successfully implementing Viva Insights within your organisation.

Discover more about the benefits of Microsoft Viva Insights by contacting us or booking a Teams or in-person meeting with our sales team.





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