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Protect against advanced phishing threats with cloud-based anti-phishing software

Phishing is very often the entrance point that cyber criminals use to gain access to your critical information. More attackers are now able to circumvent traditional email security solutions by exploiting our chief vulnerability: human behaviour. Shaped by Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) the service provides advanced detection capabilities that stop phishing early. Armed with intelligent technologies that evaluate context and relationships, it prevents more inbound cyber threats and empowers your employees to become cyber advocates who can help identify future breaches.


anti phishing software


Protect Against Human Activated Risk


Stop Phishing Attacks

Stop Phishing Attacks - Stronger detection emulates a cybersecurity expert when analysing a phishing email.

Mitigate Email Security Risks

Mitigate Email Security Risks - Reduce human-activated risk.

Avoid Alert Fatigue

Avoid Alert Fatigue - Minimise the risk of users ignoring warnings altogether.

Build Your First Line of Defence

Build Your First Line of Defence - Empower your employees with clear and intuitive real-time banners that offer in-the-moment user learning.

Activate a Second Line of Defence

Activate a Second Line of Defence - Neutralise threats if users inadvertently click on malicious links.

Protect People at All Times

Protect People at All Times - Our anti-phishing software runs on desktop, mobile devices and outlook web access.


Emulate Cyber Expertise to Strengthen Your Defence

Intelligent AI reverse engineers phishing emails, breaking down and analysing all the sub-components for suspicious elements before delivering a final verdict. The technology investigates the email using Zero Trust models and evaluating content and context, looking at both positive and negative features in order to identify suspicious behaviour. This allows the technology to detect the techniques used to deceive employees rather than the deceit itself, increasing the robustness and resilience of the software in the face of new and sophisticated attacks.

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